The human brain is developing until around age 24.  Nicotine can rewire the youth brain and those changes can be permanent. The changes from nicotine affects attention, anxiety and memory all of which can affect learning. (8)


Del Norte's Youth

  Each day more than 3,200 people younger then 18 years of age smoke their first cigarette. 13.8% of CA youth use some kind of tobacco product. 22.7% of Del Norte youth use tobacco products. (2) 

Talk with Your Teen About E-cigarettes

 Download the tip sheet below with facts so you can have a conversation with the children in your life about the harmful effects of e-cigarettes.

Tip sheet (pdf)


Tobacco and Pharmacies

Tobacco and Pharmacies don't mix

Pharmacies are licensed healthcare facilities. The sale of tobacco in a pharmacy sends mixed signals. Tobacco sales in pharmacies imply that pharmacists approve of tobacco use. Yet pharmacists have historically and consistently been opposed to the sale of tobacco products in pharmacies. Currently the United States is the only country in the world where tobacco products can be found for sale in a pharmacy (7)  

Marketing to Kids

Not only are the tobacco companies targeting our kids through the flavors, but they also use lucrative contracts to ensure that many retailers are marketing their deadly products. They are especially marketed at point of sales next to the candy, forcing customers including children to see them and get  them curious about tobacco. 

43% of schools are close to a store that sells tobacco