Click the link below for teen specific quitting information


Click the link below if you are looking for help to quit tobacco products 



If you would like  to take the step into  making your apartment, condo or RV park smoke free write a letter to your landlord. Use the sample letter download below to help get started. Encourage your neighbors to do the same and start the movement in making your MUH smoke free.


Landlords, if you have MUH and would like to make them smoke free there are ways to do so. Below we have steps you can take to make your units smoke free.

How to Make a Photovoice

We Need Your Help

We are looking for people to share their voices on how tobacco has affected their life. If you are interested in sharing your voice with us we would like to display that story at our booth in the fair. If you do a photovoice and get it turned in to us then you can get two passes into the fair to come see your photovoice displayed. 

What is a Photovoice and how do you make one?

Photovoices are a way to show how something is affecting your life through photos and a few words describing your experience. In this case we have used the photovoices to describe how tobacco has affect our lives.

A photovoice is very simple but makes a big impact. You just take a picture of how tobacco has affected you, then write 3-5 sentences about that picture. Make sure that your name and age are on the page as well.  

How to get it to us?

You can E-mail us your photovoices at For any questions you can call (707) 951-2914

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